Disintegration by Joy Division: Not So Far Fetched

As a long time fan of The Cure I have¬†always wondered why the band’s music seemed to change direction after their first two albums. It’s taken me years of comparative listening but now I believe I know why. Put simply, if Ian Curtis had not committed suicide in 1980, The Cure’s 1989 Magnum Opus, Disintegration, might very well have been recorded by Joy Division… (more…)

Earth To CAMRA: Craft Keg Is Not The Enemy!

"Smog Rocket"

“Smog Rocket” a craft keg smoked porter from Beavertown Brewery

There’s a major shift taking place in the UK beer and pub scene and the Campaign for Real Ale seems to be having a hard time embracing the new order. We’re talking about the resurgence of keg beer from Britain’s craft breweries and the craft beer bars that are popping up in response. Craft keg beer is not your grandad’s Watney’s Red. CAMRA; craft keg is not the enemy… (more…)