When it comes to craft beer everybody loves small batch specials, the seasonals, the collaborations. After all, they represent the ultimate expression of the brewer’s art: a chance to experiment; to innovate; to try new things or to just simply try the wild and whacky…

One week has passed since this year’s Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival (GWBCF) drew to a close in Cardiff and all reports suggest it was a great success. Visitors loved the new venue, The Depot, and Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer certainly enjoyed their volunteer stint working the real ale bars. It was definitely […]

Back in August Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer made a very brief stopover in Cardiff just long enough to visit the Hopbunker, Hopcraft Brewing’s brewery tap and craft beer bar, and to scope out the ground for a future exploration (read about it). Last weekend, as part of our extended stay in Cardiff after […]

Good news! The cellar beneath the Cock Tavern on Mare Street is empty no more. A new brewery (perhaps the one I hinted at in July??) is now up and running in the space formerly occupied by the awesome Howling Hops Brewery. The Cock Tavern is located a short walk from Hackney Central Overground station (map)

Despite leaving Seattle in 2013 I’m still interested in its craft beer scene—it’s a good indicator of what to expect in the UK five or ten years from now. Back in 2008 my initial introduction to Seattle’s hoppy greatness owed a lot to the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery—which became Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer’s local […]

Better late than never. Cardiff CAMRA is all set to host the Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival at a new venue for 2015: The Depot. The event, which gets under way on Thursday 5th November, naturally showcases the superb breweries and cider producers of Wales, and it will also feature street food from an eclectic mix of vendors. […]

Between 15th and 17th October Oxford CAMRA will be holding its 18th beer and cider festival at Oxford Town Hall. Sadly Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer will not be available to attend but we would like to recommend the event to others. The venue is beautiful and our experience last year was great…