This past weekend Huntingdonshire CAMRA held their latest Booze on the Ouse event, the 20th St Neots Beer & Cider Festival. This year the festival offered over 70 cask ales with a particular focus on LocAle breweries and new beers from London and Yorkshire. There were also ciders and perrys from local producers and a selection of foreign […]

Over this coming Easter weekend three of Reading’s longtime favorite backstreet pubs will be hosting the Village Music & Ale Festival. Their enterprising landlords have banded together to create a celebration of community spirit, camaraderie, music and ale that is about as close to the ethos of Fueled by Beer as you can get. Everyone who […]

It appears the owner of London Fields Brewery has a past and last week that past caught up with him. All staff involved in brewing operations and distribution from the head brewer on down have been laid off and the London Fields brand will be contract brewed by third parties outside London. Only the taproom […]

In this, the second in my series of posts exploring real ale pubs beyond Reading’s central core (red markers), we venture to the area immediately west of the concrete moat known as Reading’s IDR (A329). This is where we find three pubs each with individual character including Reading CAMRA’s Pub of the Year 2013, 2014 and maybe […]

Reading is currently enjoying a cask ale renaissance. This is evident in the central core where CAMRA stalwarts the Alehouse and the Allied Arms have been joined by the Greyfriar and the Three Guineas (blue markers). Then we have the longstanding trio of Wetherspoon pubs (yellow markers). However the hottest area (red markers) is just […]

If Chawton’s most celebrated spinster and feminist before her time was alive today I would love to believe she would have the sense and sensibility to participate in a Fueled by Beer circular pub walk. That’s because Jane Austen’s Hampshire home, with its neighboring villages of Upper and Lower Farringdon, presents an excellent opportunity with […]

Recently our local branch of CAMRA received an invitation to tour Fueled by Beer’s favorite local brewery, Wild Weather Ales. This was our first chance to visit since the newly installed mezzanine level made space available for a taproom on the brewery floor. We had to tag along…