West Seattle by Bus, Water Taxi, and Foot

Until recently West Seattle has been largely undiscovered territory, isolated as it is from the rest of Seattle across Elliott Bay. But when the seasonal water taxi resumed service from downtown Seattle I decided to use one of my off days to ride over and scope out the area…

Original Elliott Bay Brewpub in West Seattle

Original Elliott Bay Brewpub in West Seattle

The idea behind this trip was to plan a future evening out with the spouse & daughter, and to scout out previously untried brewpubs. In this case West Seattle’s Elliott Bay Brewery, which lay at the end of my 6 mile hike from the West Seattle dock.

The transit portion included a ST550 bus ride from Bellevue to Pioneer Square; a short walk down Yesler to pier 50; then the Water Taxi across the bay – a gorgeous ride. My Orca card covered both legs.

Although Metro provides free DART shuttle service from the Water Taxi to local West Seattle neighborhoods,  I chose instead to walk from the dock around Duwamish Head to Alki Point, then up to Admiral Junction, and along California Avenue to Alaska Junction.

If you want to use the shuttle buses take routes 773 (Alaska) or 775 (Admiral & Alki Point). To get home I took the ST560 bus from Alaska Junction, a one-bus ride all the way back to Bellevue via Seatac.

The hike from the dock around Duwamish Point, then along Alki Beach to the Alki Point lighthouse is completely flat and very enjoyable. From Alki Point the hike up to Admiral Junction is long and quite steep in places. California Avenue between Admiral and Alaska is essentially the spine atop West Seattle’s main ridge – a relatively easy walk. Altogether the walk is 6 miles – around 3 hours at an easy pace.

The water taxi trip was repeated a few days later with the spouse & daughter – we took the shuttle from the West Seattle dock up to Alaska Junction. Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub did not disappoint. It is located within a block of Alaska on California in the thick of the action. It is kid friendly, offers great beers, and has a very nice menu at quite reasonable prices. Service was prompt and informal – very much my kind of place.

Check out my photo album…

West Seattle

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