The Pike Pub & Brewery

pikebrewingcompanylogo_aConsidering where it is – attached to the most blantantly touristy spot in all of Seattle, the Pike Pub is a pleasant surprise. And not just because it is part of a working brewery. They produce some very respectable brews, many of which I can buy in my local grocery store, and their pub menu is pretty good too.

My favorite, the bratwurst – either as entree or sandwich – is really good, and the spouse considers the Pike’s Salmon sandwich the best she’s found so far. The pub is very kid-friendly.

Our first visit to the Pike Pub took place while we were still very much tourists. It was only days after I completed the drive from Florida, and during the spouse & daughter’s first look-see trip. Since that first visit the Pike has served us on several occasions: as a pit-stop while near the waterfront; for a convenient bite and a pint before a Showbox at the Market gig; to revive out of town guests after spending hours hiking around downtown and the market. It’s also worth mentioning that of all the strictly Seattle microbreweries, only the Pike is located downtown. The others are located in neighborhoods outside the central downtown core.

With hindsight – in other words no longer through a tourist’s eyes but those of a local – I have to say that just about everything on the Pike’s menu is priced maybe a dollar or two higher than it should be. Sadly, the price you pay for being in a touristy location I suppose. However, the Pike does validate parking at the Chase Center Garage (Union & 1st) after 5pm weekdays and all day weekends, which can help offset the inflated menu prices. Of course this blog is about being fueled by beer, not gasoline, so going to the Pike to get free downtown parking kinda defeats the object.

So, for the rest of us traveling on foot, to get to the pub from within Pike Place Market first enter the Economy Building, then go down the Atrium stairs and follow the passageway – you should see a copper brewing kettle ahead of you and more stairs leading down into the pub. From outside on the street (1st Avenue) enter between Pike and Union (across from the Showbox) or at the corner of 1st and Union. The nearest transit tunnel station is University Street – take the 2nd Avenue exit and walk the one block down Union to the Pike. If you’re up in vicinity of Westlake Center, or coming off a bus on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Avenues, just walk down Pine or Pike Street to 1st Avenue.


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