Elysian Fields Brewpub

I expect when most people see the Elysian Fields brewpub they think: “it’s next to Qwest Field, a field, and it’s close to Safeco Field, another field; Elysian Fields – yeah, cool name”. But for me the name has a completely different meaning.

elysian-logoIn Greek mythology the Elysian Fields were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous. As someone who has never really gotten into American sports, most of the time I have very little interest in NFL, and as for MLB’s version of Rounders, I find it excrutiatingly boring. So for me to willingly submit myself to the Seahawks or the Mariners, it would be an act of great heroism and virtue. And since I would certainly want to die long before the end of the game, what better place to go afterwards than the Elysian Fields.

So, in a nutshell, Elysian Brewing Company’s brewpub in Seattle’s stadium district – the third we visited after Capitol Hill and Tangletown – is a cavernous structure designed to accommodate a large, mostly standing crowd of beer drinkers on game days. The spouse, daughter and I visited on a recent Friday – too late to catch the happy hour crowd, and too early for the late night party scene.

There was still some residual happy hour action going on in the bar area but we had an under-21 in your party, which means you sit out in the wide open spaces of the restaurant – and I do mean wide open. We weren’t alone out there but I swear if we could have yodeled, we would have heard our  echo. While this doesn’t make Elysian Fields automatically kid-unfriendly, a more intimately scaled brewpub that accommodates kids would be preferable – such as either of the other two Elysian locations.

In fairness, everything we love about Elysian is here: the beer – which is fast emerging as Puget’s perfect pint in our book – as well as some pretty good food. Elysian’s menu really is a step above much of the typical brewpub fare being served up elsewhere – perhaps on a par with Rock Bottom – by which we benchmark everyone else.

In conclusion Elysian Fields would be great on a game day – a Sounders game day – although I myself might get tired of being elbowed around after a while – I suspect it gets very crowded in there. And with the other two Elysian brewpubs to choose from, I don’t feel much of a compelling reason to frequent the Fields.

To get there from Pioneer Square walk straight down either 1st Avenue or Occidental Avenue. It’s about six blocks –  Elysian Fields has entrances on both streets. Coming from further away in downtown, or outside downtown altogether, take transit to the International District/Chinatown station, then take the Weller Street pedestrian walkway to the far side of King Street Station – at the bottom of the steps is the Qwest Field north parking lot, with Elysian Fields’ Occidental Avenue entrance beyond.


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