Elysian Capitol Hill Brewpub

In my perpetually persistent perennial pursuit of Puget’s perfect pint one thing has become very clear to me: there’s a lot of really good microbrew being produced around here. Competition is fierce but for this beer fan one name is beginning to stand out from the crowd – that name is Elysian.

elysian-logoElysian Brewing Company operates brewpubs at three Seattle locations: Elysian Fields in the stadium district (read my post); Elysian Tangletown in south Greenlake (read my post); and Elysian Capitol Hill (this post). Elysian beer is available on tap at many area bars and restaurants, and in bottles from our local grocery stores too.

So what is it that sets Elysian apart? So far we have sampled Immortal IPA, The Wise ESB and Mens Room Ale at the three Elysian brewpubs, on tap at local Bellevue restaurants, and in bottles from our QFC store (Kroger). They have been uniformly excellent. We haven’t experienced this level of consistency, at least with the beer, anywhere else – including Rock Bottom.

Then there’s the Elysian brewpub experience itself. While Elysian Fields didn’t score a glowing report I couldn’t fault its beer or the food – they were up to the same high standard as Capitol Hill and Tangletown. Elysian Fields is simply not as kid-friendly as the others. But I can imagine many of their game day customers wouldn’t want to eat or drink beer anywhere else.

Elysian Capital Hill

Elysian Capitol Hill is in a great location – an enjoyable walk from downtown straight up Pike Street. It’s about a mile from Pike & 5th; a little less from Convention Center; a little more from Pike Place. Parking is near to impossible so don’t even try to drive. Numerous bus routes from various points around downtown pass within one block of the brewpub.

Elysian’s primary brewery is housed here and the brewpub has the kind of vibe that as soon as you walk in you know you’re in a great place. All the diversity that makes Capitol Hill such a fun place to explore will likely be there: counterculture hipsters of varying gender preference; families with kids; iPhone-tapping yuppies doing after work happy hour; girls night out parties; sports bar guys bonding; etc., etc.

As I mentioned in my Elysian Fields post, the menu is a step up from typical brewpub fare. And we are yet to find a brewpub that has better vegetarian and vegan options, as well as more healthful choices for omnivores like us. And of course there’s those Elysian beers. In addition to the ones already mentioned the brewpubs have stuff on tap not available outside – the spouse’s current favorite Avatar Jasmin IPA being the best example (it’s really good).

So there you have it. Great location – Capitol Hill. Terrific beers and food – Elysian. Friendly crowd and staff, extremely kid-friendly.


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