Wow, it’s like, farout man… the beer!

During my recent visit to the City by the Bay, while searching Haight-Ashbury to find the spirit of the summer of love, I found Nirvana within sight of the fabled intersection. And, no, I’m not talking about Ben & Jerry’s…

Magnolia Pub & Brewery – I didn’t bother to compile a list of San Francisco area brewpubs for the trip so just stumbling across one in such an unlikely location was an unexpected bonus.

The restaurant is typically Haight-Ashbury hip, with a nice vibe and beautiful clientele (until we walked in). The beers we tried – cask special bitter and draft IPA were both very good, and the food was good too.

Prices were comparable with Seattle (which was nice since we found San Francisco in general more expensive). The restaurant is kid-friendly. The brewery is in the basement – it’s outasight – so to speak.

This obviously is not a contender for Puget’s perfect pint but the Fueled by Beer element is there. There’s a lot to see along Haight so be in no hurry. Here is my 1.7 mile loop starting from the Muni N line stop at Carl & Cole:

  • Walk north on Cole to Haight, turn left (west)
  • Walk west along the south side of Haight to Golden Gate Park
  • Turn back and walk east on the north side of Haight
  • After Ashbury, at Haight and Masonic, stop at Magnolia Pub
  • Continue east along north side of Haight to Buena Vista Park
  • Turn back and walk west along the south side of Haight to Cole
  • At Cole turn left and walk south back to the Muni stop

Of course, by entering either park and exploring, the walk can be extended as long as you like.


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