Flyers Restaurant & Brewery – Oak Harbor

What’s another name for a pilot on Whidbey Island? Why, its a Naviator of course. And what do you call a port in a storm on a rainy day on Whidbey. Well, I call it Flyers Restaurant & Brewery.

For the Labor Day holiday the spouse, the daughter and I decided on the spur of the moment to drive two hours to Oak Harbor and visit our sailor son stationed at NAS Whidbey Island. It was a miserable grey day and up on Whidbey, the mizzle that had been falling in Seattle, became a hard wind-driven rain. It struggled to reach 60 F (15 C), cold for the first week in September.

After visiting the navy base we drove haphazardly around Oak Harbor trying our best to explore the town. Then, out of the gloom, Flyers Restaurant & Brewery materialized like a beacon at sea. Put in, asks I? Aye Cap’n, replies the scurvy crew.

We really enjoyed Flyers. As a purveyor of brews I would put them up there among the best we have sampled so far. The wife had the Afterburner IPA while I had the Pacemaker Porter. Both were outstanding pints. Our son’s orders place him on Whidbey for the next two years so we expect to return for many more visits. I look forward to trying the Barnstormer Brown Ale. Another nice touch at Flyers: I noticed they have some other taps featuring other regional microbrews, not just their own. Snoqualmie was there for example.

Flyers’ food menu is exceptional. Very extensive and very diverse: everything from simple munchie type appetizers to quite elaborate entrees. I think there will be something to satisfy every taste and every budget, which in my book is the goal of every kitchen.

The spouse raved about her simple green salad of locally grown organic produce served with a house-made ginger vinaigrette dressing. The daughter’s simple cheese pizza was good while I had the buffalo and lamb meatloaf: simply fantastic.

Flyers Restaurant & Brewery

Flyers Restaurant & Brewery

Being a holiday, and I as I said a miserable rainy day, Flyers was very quiet. Our server was great: friendly and attentive without being over the top, and other staff I talked with were equally welcoming. From the outside you don’t realize that Flyers is quite large. I’ll be interested to see how they execute and maintain quality with such an extensive menu during a busier time. But on the strenth of our visit, I recommend Flyers.

In short, Flyers provided us with a very pleasant couple of hours: good quality food from an excellent menu well prepared and well served, all at a reasonable price. I expect they are in the upper end of the price range among Oak Harbor eateries but I doubt that you’ll find better quality food served in a more pleasant environment at a more reasonable price.

One final thing: an unexpected bonus at Flyers is the display of model aircraft made from recycled aluminum sodapop and beer cans. You gotta see them to believe them is all I’ll say. They’re produced by local artisan FireMarshallBill – check out his website A.C. Aircraft Company for more  information and tons of photos.


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