Could Puget’s Perfect Pint be a Larr (gasp from crowd) Gerr?

In my recent post “Return to Georgetown…” I mentioned a wider topic – seasonal and specialty brews – that I would cover in a separate post. Well, this is that post.

During the course of my Perpetually Persistent Perennial Pursuit For Puget’s Perfect Pint I have come to realize the two things that may make it impossible to reach a conclusion:

  • The ever increasing number of local breweries – possibly too many for the number of years left in me
  • The ever increasing number of seasonal and special brews – you know: just when I thought I’d tried every brew…

So, in reality there may never be a Puget’s Perfect Pint – I may run out of time before I can say I’ve found it – but I guarantee it’ll be damn fun trying to beat the clock 😉

Then there is the issue of what I will call the Tortoise and the Hare syndrome. You know: the brief flash of pure brilliance versus the long-term patiently methodical, always consistent, and ultimately winning approach.

In other words, should I disallow a here-today, gone-tommorow brew – a Hare – only allowing year-round brews – the Tortoises – to be contenders?

I’m kinda leaning towards the Tortoises…

But what about the Hares?

In no particular order here are some specials & seasonals the spouse and I have encountered this year that if they were year-round brews they would definately be living in the Tortoise pen:

  • Georgetown Brewing – Tomtoberfest – Bavarian-style Marzenbier
  • McMenamins Queen Anne – King’s Alley Alt – Dusseldorf-style Altbier
  • Maritime Pacific Brewing – Bosun’s Black Porter – Bourbon barrel-aged
  • Maritime Pacific Brewing – Windfest – Bavarian-style Marzenbier
  • Rock Bottom Bellevue – Bellevue Blonde Summer Ale – Very light, Pilsner-lager-replacing, Golden Ale
  • Rock Bottom Bellevue – American Dream IPA – Hoppy, malty, citrusy IPA: perhaps RB’s best brew
  • Rock Bottom Bellevue – Fresh Hop – Wet hopped Pale Ale
  • Rock Bottom Bellevue – Rocktoberfest – Bavarian-style Marzenbier
  • Two Beers Brewing – Fresh Hop – Wet hopped Pale Ale

Notice something?

I have previously mentioned that I am not ordinarily a lager drinker – a dark lager – maybe. A light pilsner style lager – hardly ever (gotta have no alternative). Nevertheless, four beers in the list are lagers – hence the title of this post.


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