It’s never too wet to walk in Bellevue!

Lately we’ve been having a lot of rain (and wind): just 3 totally dry days since February 22nd. Though the ground is saturated, thanks to our wonderful parks & trails system, with its many paved and gravel trails, we can still get out and enjoy off-road hiking during the all too brief interludes between showers…

P031211000In my recent post A Measured Approach to Walking in Bellevue I described an urban hike around downtown Bellevue with a start and end point at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

This post also describes a hike beginning and ending at the Botanical Garden but this time we go in the opposite direction; through the woods of Wilburton Hill Park to the farm at Kelsey Creek Park.

The outward section essentially follows the gravel trail that comprises part of the Lake to Lake trail. The return section mostly follows quiet paved streets and the grounds of International School.

P031211001Within Kelsey Creek Park itself a mile or more may be added to the total walk by making a complete circuit of the perimeter of the farm, below the pastures, then continuing on the trail as far as the bridge over babbling Kelsey Creek before turning back.

Because we’re familiar with the farm we don’t tend to hang around there much when we go there. However a first time visitor might find many things of interest around the barns and be tempted to dawdle a while, so plan your time accordingly. Kelsey Creek really is a gorgeous park that once inside it makes you quickly forget you are completely surrounded by suburban sprawl.

P031211002This past Saturday it rained all morning but then stopped for a brief period in the afternoon. Needing no further encouragement The Spouse and I walked most of this route before the rains returned.

My pedometer registered over 8700 steps for a total distance of 4.13 miles in around two hours. Much of the route involves hills, some down, some up. Of the total steps registered, almost 70% were classed as aerobic – a pretty good workout.



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  1. I’m a walker and I look forward to all the possibilities in the greater Seattle area. Your blog has really helped paint a picture for me. We’ll be moving there in May sometime. Thanks for the detailed, articulate posts.

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