Georgetown Walking Tour

In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, Seattle’s Georgetown “don’t get no respect”. Given its record of late 20th century post-industrial decay this is understandable. However with something of a revival underway, driven by a vibrant arts and culture community, perhaps Georgetown deserves some respect after all. To see for myself, I recently spent two days exploring the neighborhood…

IMG_0061I am indebted to the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs for their beautifully researched two-part walking tour. While historic Georgetown remains within its original boundaries, since the 1960s, when Interstate 5 was built, the community has been effectively sliced in two by the horrendous on-ramp and concrete overpass connecting to the freeway. The walking tour reflects this: part 1 features places of interest located north of the on-ramp; part 2 covers the areas to the south.

Download the North tour map (Part 1) PDF file.

Download the South tour map (Part 2) PDF file.

I wore my pedometer both days I walked: the north tour was around 4.4 miles; the south tour around 3.8 miles. When exploring I have a tendency to wander down alleys and otherwise off the beaten track so my distances might be a little high. It’s also worth mentioning that the location of some places on the city’s maps are not accurately represented. Go by the street address to be sure – and if you have a smartphone with GPS & Google Maps, you can’t go wrong.

For more in-depth information on Georgetown and its history, here are just a few websites with good information, old photos, etc…

Georgetown Merchants Association

Friends of Georgetown History

New York Times Travel Section – Washington State’s Online Encyclopedia

National Park Service – Georgetown Steam Plant


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