Big E Ales by Transit

The daughter and I recently made our first Fueled by Beer transit trip outside Seattle and the Eastside to visit Big E Ales in Lynnwood. The brewery and neighborhood pub is located an easy 15 minute walk from Lynnwood Transit Center, which for us was a convenient one-bus ride from Bellevue via Sound Transit Express route 535…

If there is a more conveniently located family-friendly brewpub (i.e. allows under-21s) for transit trippers looking to get out of Seattle, Bellevue, or Everett, I’d like to know where it is.

Lynnwood Transit Center is served by direct Sound Transit Express routes to/from all three regional centers and, as I mentioned above, Big E Ales is an easy walk from there. They open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am; check the website to view the food menu, and to see what’s on tap.

Big E Tasting Tray

Big E Tasting Tray

As folks who know me will attest I’ve never been much of a light beer drinker – usually the golden and blonde ales are bottom of my list of preferences – but I gotta say this: the Big E Golden Ale I sampled on this trip was possibly the best I’ve ever had.

Perfect for long warm summer days, refreshingly light in body but definately not light in taste – this one had enough malt character to impress even me. The same goes for the Copper Ale – which definately gives Mac & Jack’s a run for their money.

Big E Ales Brewpub

Big E Ales Brewpub

I was less impressed with the Red Ale and the Marzen but in fairness something I don’t particularly care for might knock other people’s socks off. Which leaves the Scotch Ale and 2-Pint IPA – both solid brews, just not standouts in my book.

No haute cuisine in the kitchen, we’re talking very basic pub fare, but there are some nice touches. Burgers served in artisan Ciabatta bread for instance instead of the usual sugar-laden American bun typically used. Another nice touch is the garlic fries – prepared using vinegar which imparts a tartness to the garlic thus accentuating its flavor – be warned 😉

My overall verdict: I have no doubt that Big E Ales will have something on tap to satisfy every taste; they are very family-friendly; and they are easy to get to. I thoroughly recommend Big E as a must-visit destination for all lovers of great beer.


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