Untrodden Paths: Where To Next?

Just the other day the thought occurred to me that a whole year has passed since I started this blog. It made me reflect on my original motivation for writing: to sample the Seattle area’s microbrews without a car; a goal which is now largely accomplished…

During the past year I traveled hundreds of miles on buses, trains, and the occasional ferry. And I wandered for miles along city streets and urban trails.

Within the first six months I had visited almost every one of the 30 breweries inside Seattle’s city limits plus the 10 located in nearby suburbs.

And as contenders emerged for the accolade of Puget’s Perfect Pint, repeat visits were made to many of them. In the end I declared Elysian Brewing as my winner.

Drew in Port Townsend

Drew in Port Townsend

With the immediate Seattle area breweries pretty much covered, in recent months my attention has been turning increasingly to brewers beyond the Emerald City.

If I find them on tap locally, I make it a point to try them. And during trips out of town, visits to destination breweries are a given.

At Tizleys Pub, Poulsbo

At Tizleys Pub, Poulsbo

My original assumption after finishing Seattle was always to explore north into Snohomish County, where 14 establishments between Seattle and Everett are licensed by WLCB to brew beer.

However, that was before I sampled beer from across Puget Sound. Now I’m not so sure anymore. Decisions, decisions: where to go next?

At Big E Ales

At Big E Ales

In actuality my first forays into Snohomish territory have already taken place; it was from these that I posted reviews of McMenamins Mill Creek and Big E Ales in Lynnwood.

But I digress; let’s turn our attention back to those guys across the Sound.

Bremerton Summer Brewfest

Bremerton Summer Brewfest

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the most memorable beers The Spouse and I have sampled recently have all been from West Sound breweries at….

So here’s my plan…

As demonstrated by my first Around the Sound transit trek, it is possible to combine locations in Snohomish and across the Sound in a single itinerary. My ambition right now is to visit the four Poulsbo breweries (Sound, Valhöll, Battenkill, and Slippery Pig).

Then to head over to Kingston’s Hood Canal Brewery followed by a ferry ride over to Edmonds’ American Brewing. Finally I revisit Big E Ales at Lynnwood.

I find it amazing that five of the seven breweries just mentioned didn’t exist a year ago. That’s how fast the beer scene is growing, particularly in Poulsbo. Think I’m crazy? just watch me!


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