Beyond Lynnwood Part 1: Diamond Knot Brewing

In my blog post “Big E Ales by Transit” I mentioned how Lynnwood Transit Center (and the nearby brewpub) serves as a wonderfully convenient Fueled by Beer destination from Bellevue, Seattle or Everett. However Lynnwood doesn’t have to be the final destination; the transit center serves equally well as a hub for visiting additional Snohomish County breweries in the same trip. First up: Diamond Knot Brewing

Quite early in my quest for Puget’s Perfect Pint – which out of necessity has so far focused on Seattle and the Eastside – Diamond Knot popped up several times in conversation.

Folks calling themselves “Knot Heads” waxed-poetic about exceptional beers to be had in Mukilteo. Unfortunately, since I had to draw the line somewhere, only now am I getting around to extending my quest to locations outside King County.

After visiting Big E Ales, return to the transit center and from there take a bus to Mukilteo. When you get off at the ferry terminal, directly across the street you’ll see Diamond Knot’s original brewery & alehouse. This formerly over-21 only pub was extensively renovated and expanded in 2013 and now accommodates all ages and a full restaurant. Check website for opening times.

Diamond Knot, who has been brewing in Mukilteo since 1994, has carefully grown their business beyond the original brewhouse and may now be found on tap at fine bars and restaurants region-wide. However they still retain a local focus in Mukilteo; their main production brewery and taproom, located between Lynnwood and the Mukilteo ferry, may also be visited as a stopover along the bus route (get off at 47th Ave W & Chennault Beach Rd).

Compared to the waterfront alehouse though, the taproom’s hours are extremely limited (as you might expect at a production brewery): Friday and Saturday from 3 pm to 8 pm. But the taproom does provide an additional opportunity for more DK goodness if the time is right.

Diamond Knot

Diamond Knot

My DK experience was at the Alehouse with The Spouse, The Daughter, and The Navy Son all in tow. Since The Navy Son attained legal Fueled by Beer status earlier this year, your’s truly has been having a blast indoctrinating educating him in the art of suds at every opportunity. He won’t always be so conveniently stationed on Whidbey Island. 😉

Diamond Knot Tasters

Diamond Knot Tasters

Between us we sampled: Industrial XIPA; Summer Blonde; Hefe-Weizen; IPA; Brown Ale; and Possession Porter. The Spouse went directly to the Porter as is her usual preference. The only blahh brew in our humble opinion was the Blonde; in fairness not necessarily substandard, just maybe not to our taste. The rest: they were all excellent representatives of their respective styles; for me, surprisingly, the standout was the Hefeweizen.

Now for some logistic considerations: allow around 1 1/2 hours travel time from Seattle or Bellevue to reach Mukilteo – plus however long you decide to spend visiting Big E Ales in Lynnwood. Allow 1 1/2 hours to get back from Mukilteo. Of course I’m talking here of transit and hiking time; this is not the BBC’s Top Gear blog, and my name is not Jeremy.

Folks up in Everett: you have the option of riding Everett Transit to Mukilteo (weekdays); that journey time is around 30 minutes. Be sure to check last bus times from Mukilteo ferry terminal to Everett or Lynnwood. Of course all schedules are subject to change so do double-check bus times before making the trip.

We had a great time at Diamond Knot and look forward to visiting again in the not too distant future. The waterfront location is very picturesque; one to be thoroughly recommended to all fans of good beer. So what are you waiting for: now you too can become a “Knothead” 🙂


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