Maritime Pacific Brewing Co: Now Open To All Ages

I heard rumors about this a couple months ago but with nothing posted on the brewery’s website or Facebook page, I didn’t know if it is true. Now I do: I just stumbled across the Jolly Roger Taproom’s blog; it is not linked from the website or Facebook, but confirmation is there…

This is significant news: Since my first visit in September 2010 there has been only one opportunty for your’s truly to visit the Jolly with The Spouse; that was during the one and only time we were sans fille and able to get over to Ballard.

I’m willing to bet there are many Maritime Pacific fans who also had to forgo visiting the Jolly Roger Taproom while it remained an over-21s establishment.

And anyone who follows this blog will know that I consider Maritime Pacific brews some of the best in Seattle, and the taproom/restaurant one of the best as well. Read my original blog post.

Next weekend Oktoberfest Northwest is where we plan to be, but right now it looks like the Jolly will be our port of call 10/15… Argh!!!


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