Airways Brewing: Beer & Bistro

I first learned about Airways Brewing over a year ago. It was back when they had just celebrated the opening of their brewery and tasting room, and also announced plans to open a pub – called the “beer & bistro.”

Rather than make a solo visit to the brewery, which has rather limited hours and is located in a business park midway between Tukwila and Kent, I decided to wait for the more accessible bistro to open in downtown Kent. I wanted The Spouse and The Daughter to enjoy the Airways experience with me, or so I hoped. Airways Brewing opened their Beer & Bistro in November 2011 – as a 21+ establishment!  😦

I contacted the owners about this and the answer I got was that the brewery, by virtue of its tavern license, is restricted to 21+, and that means the beer & bistro has to have the same license. This is a shame because as previous readers of this blog know, not being family-friendly pretty much disqualifies an establishment for my Puget’s Perfect Pint accolade and Airways makes really good beer.

Beer & Bistro

Beer & Bistro

Anyhow, despite all this I made a stopover last week in Kent on the way back from my visit to Powerhouse Restaurant & Brewery. I stopped by Airways Beer & Bistro to check them out. I tasted four Airways brews (see photo) and munched on a flatbread pizza.



With some very good rotating guest brews on tap, Airways Beer & Bistro is a welcome addition to Kent’s beer scene – but therein lies the problem for Airways. After my sampler, the pint I chose to follow with was my beloved Koperen Kettel Belgian Pale from Sound Brewing in Poulsbo. There’s no reason for me to trek down to Kent again to get some Sound brew.

UPDATE JULY 2015: Airways is currently building out adjacent space at their downtown Kent location. An expanded Bistro with larger kitchen facilities is in the works with a tentative opening in September 2015. It remains to be seen if the ‘family friendly seating area’ referred to will actually materialize . The brewery taproom is now open on Tues-Sat from 3:00 pm each day. For directions from Kent station use this Google Map.


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