Woodinville Wine Country (for beer fans – part 3)

In my previous posts about Woodinville Wine Country (for beer fans), I spoke of three new breweries in various stages of opening. I went on to review my visits to Dirty Bucket Brewing and Twelve Bar Brews. In this third and, as it turns out, not the final instalment, I visit Brickyard Brewing

Of Woodinville’s new breweries Brickyard Brewing is the latest to open. They are producing beer on a Nano brewery scale similar in size and scope to Dirty Bucket. And, like Dirty Bucket, Brickyard has a tasting room that is condusive to hanging out, drinking a few beers, all in all a nice relaxing place.

Joe Montero, owner/brewer pouring my tasters

Joe Montero, owner/brewer pouring my tasters

During my visit co-owner and brewer Joe Montero was pouring Brickyard’s IPA and Masonry Oatmeal Stout. On guest tap Joe also had Twelve Bar Brews’ Supertonic India Black Ale; a nice complement to his brews and a nod to Woodinville’s new brewers.

The tasting room offers flights, full pints, and growler fills. Bottling is anticipated in the future to expand offerings further. There is popcorn and pretzels to munch on, BeerFloats (more about that later), or you can bring/order your own food.

Brickyard IPA – Superb

Brickyard IPA – Superb

Many area beer fans – myself included – experienced their first Brickyard brew at this year’s Washington Brewers Festival – specifically the IPA (read my post). During this visit Joe seemed almost embarrassed to talk about his inaugural batch of IPA, apologetic in fact.

I’m here to tell you that whatever went wrong back then can now be forgotten. Joe has clearly shaken any remaining bugs out of his brewing system and has produced a latest batch of IPA that is superb – among the best examples I have tasted lately – and regular readers of this blog will know how fickle I can be about IPAs.

BeerFloat – Yum!

BeerFloat – Yum!

Brickyard’s stout is very tasty too, especially when presented as a BeerFloat. I predict Joe is going to have to keep a large inventory of vanilla stout ice cream on hand now that he has let that genie out of the bottle. I also hope the Masonry Stout will appear on a nitro tap at some point.

The guest CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale) was solid: its malt character, hoppiness, and dry finish was right on the money for what I consider the style to be – most importantly nothing like a porter or a stout.

I want to mention it here because in my earlier review of Twelve Bar Brews I was only able to taste their Pentatonic Pale and Turnaround Red. Now that I have experienced three solid brews from Twelve Bar, I look forward to completing their lineup with their IPA sometime in the not too distant future.

I planned my visit to Brickyard as a true Fueled by Beer trip, and that’s how I did it. However with hindsight I cannot unreservedly advocate Brickyard as a Fueled by Beer destination. Here’s why…

Walking to Brickyard Brewing – not pedestrian friendly

Walking to Brickyard Brewing – not pedestrian friendly

While Brickyard’s location may be technically in Woodinville, it is geographically situated just across the King/Snohomish county line (as evidenced by its address designation of “SE” not “NE”). To get there a large portion of the 1.5 mile walk to/from the nearest bus stop in Woodinville takes place along a narrow two-lane road with no sidewalk or shoulder.

All this is in the land of pickup trucks and large SUVs driven by folks who are not used to sharing the roadway with pedestrians. For a cyclist used to riding in traffic I would say a Fueled by Beer trip to Brickyard is OK, but not as a pedestrian.

Having said all that, I will go as far as saying that you absolutely must find a way to get there by car, rather than not go at all: any visit to Woodinville’s craft breweries will be incomplete if you don’t include Brickyard Brewing. 🙂

For the truly hardy (or crazy like me) here is how to make a visit to Brickyard Brewing a true Fueled by Beer trip. Caveat emptor: you have been warned…

Boardwalk through Rotary Community Park

Boardwalk through Rotary Community Park

From Seattle, take the Sound Transit Express 522 bus to the Woodinville-Snohomish Road stop. From Bellevue or Lynnwood, take the Sound Transit Express 535 bus to UW Bothell, then transfer to the 522 bus. As always, use Sound Transit’s trip planner to figure your itinerary.

The following map shows my walking route from the bus stop to the brewery. An interesting option I found was to incorporate the boardwalk trail through Rotary Community Park at 195th St – it parallels the route along 136th Ave – access via the skatepark. I for one welcome every opportunity to get off-road and away from traffic.

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  1. We’re hoping Joe, (Brickyard), and Steve, (Dirty Bucket), take us up on the offer to add another 10 or 20 BBL fermenter at our new facility, to add to their production! Both have fantastic beer, and we will definitely have them in our tasting room!
    Rich Nesheim, Co-Owner
    Triplehorn Brewing Co
    Woodinville, WA

  2. Brickyard is alive and doing well. We installed 2 – 30bbl sized fermentors at local Twelve Bar Brews and do most of our production there but occasionally still use our pilot system for small batch brews.

    We’re enjoying the Woodinville brew scene & all that it has to offer!

    Ean, Co-owner and Brewer
    Brickyard Brewing
    Woodinville, Wa.

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