First Impressions: Reuben’s Brews

OK, for those with short attention spans: award-winning home brewer Adam Robbings and wife Grace start brewery, name it after toddler son Reuben; Adam’s a Brit, makes great beer; ’nuff said…

Seriously though, if I didn’t know Reuben’s Brews opened less than three weeks before our visit I would never have guessed this brewery is a startup. And after that successful grand opening, to still have 9 of 12 taps pouring Reuben’s Brews (remarkable given the brewery’s production capacity) shows how well this brewery is being run.

I think during the time I have been writing this blog there have been only two or three brewery startups that impressed me as much as Reuben’s Brews: they are Sound Brewery and Bainbridge Island Brewing, and maybe American Brewing too.



Another brewery that I was reminded of, but whose start predates this blog, is Schooner Exact in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. But the Reuben’s brews, oh wow the brews!

Just look at my taplist photo, and then look at the tasting tray. Among all Seattle area breweries, even the established ones, I can name only two or three where a more extensive lineup of house beers can be found in one place at one time. And to include two Rye beers (I love the flavor of Rye beers) – fantastic!

Tasting Tray

Tasting Tray

Against the other breweries I have in mind, both The Spouse and I agreed, the overall quality and taste of the Reuben’s Brews we sampled were superior to Maritime, and they rival the best from Elysian and Elliott Bay. All this from Reuben’s Brews right out of the gate – the next opportunity for us to make a return visit can’t come too soon.

I realize it’s early days but after meeting Adam and talking with him I can’t help feeling that Reuben’s Brews is going to be a significant force within the Seattle brewing scene. And as we all know, beside every good man there stands an equally good woman: in this case Grace. 🙂

The content in this post also appears in Beer Trek 2012: Fremont to Ballard.

Reuben’s Brews is a new brewery and tasting room in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Use the map below to find the brewery, get a transit itinerary, etc.


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