Woodinville Wine Country (for beer fans – part 4)

This is a great time for craft beer fans in Woodinville. During the past nine months four new breweries have opened their doors. The last of these, Triplehorn Brewing, opened three weeks ago: a Fueled by Beer trip was in order…

Triplehorn Brewing is located on 144th Ave NE – a short distance from Dirty Bucket Brewing – in the heart of Woodinville’s warehouse winery district. Due to the district’s unrivaled concentration of winery, distillery, and brewery tasting rooms, all accessible via transit, this is easily the best Fueled by Beer destination outside Seattle.

For our first visit to Triplehorn Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer decided to drop in there first, then move on to Dirty Bucket and Brickyard to see how they’ve been doing since our last visits. It was a good way to sample Triplehorn’s brews and put them in context with the other breweries.

This is how Triplehorn describes themselves on their Facebook page…

2 Brothers blessed with the ability to get up everyday, and make beer~

Simple and straightforward – we like that – it’s an attitude we found reflected in Triplehorn’s beer (left to right in photo):

Triplehorn tasting tray

Triplehorn tasting tray

  • Falcon Cloak Blonde Ale.
  • Folkvang Irish Red.
  • Land Wink IPA.
  • Bitfrost Pale Ale.
  • Freya’s Wit Apricot Wit.

Unfortunately NeMeSis Nitro Milk Stout – the brew we most wanted to sample – was not available. While the five brews we were able to try were all respectable – on par with the myriad other Seattle area breweries – only the IPA was particularly noteworthy.

Somewhat hidden - look for sign on street

Somewhat hidden – look for sign on street

Fans of IPAs with high citrus aroma and flavor, with lower residual hop bitterness (like us) should really enjoy Triplehorn’s IPA. However until we can check out the Milk Stout, we’ll reserve final judgement.

Actually, while at Triplehorn, I got into a conversation with some other guests about the Woodinville breweries and when they asked me which one I preferred, the only objective answer I could give was to say that I believe no one brewery stands out but that they compliment one another. Because each brewery has demonstrated different strengths style-wise, personal favorites so far are:

  • Twelve Bar Brews – Supertonic CDA & Turnaround Red
  • Brickyard Brewing – Masonry Oatmeal Stout & Brickyard IPA
  • Dirty Bucket Brewing- Dirty Amber & Black Lab Stout
  • Triplehorn Brewing- Land Wink IPA & Freya’s Apricot Wit

There are still several brews in each of the breweries’ portfolios that we are yet to try so it looks like the voyage of discovery in Woodinville is not yet over. Taproom hours vary from one brewery to the next so be sure to check their websites/Facebook pages before making a trip.

To read the earlier instalments in this series…

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As mentioned earlier, the Woodinville warehouse winery (and brewery) district is easily accessible via transit. From Seattle, take the Sound Transit Express 522 bus to Woodinville-Snohomish Rd. From Bellevue or Lynnwood, take the Sound Transit Express 535 bus to UW Bothell, then transfer to the 522 bus. As always, use Sound Transit’s trip planner to figure your itinerary.

Click “more options” to open map

The walk from/to the bus stop is roughly half a mile: about 20 minutes uphill; about 15 minutes back down to the bus.


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