The Naked Truth: Seattle’s Best Brewpubs

Among Seattle breweries roughly a third operate a brewpub: an all day full service restaurant and brewery open to all ages 7 days a week. These are generally – but not all – operated by the largest and longest established breweries. They include local favorites Elliott Bay, Elysian, Hales, Maritime Pacific and Pike, plus corporate chains like McMenamins, The Ram, Rock Bottom, Gordon Biersch and Pyramid…

On the other hand the taprooms at most of Seattle’s smaller breweries limit their food offerings to the simplest of bar snacks, or they partner with a food truck that parks up outside the brewery. There are however four very important exceptions: Big Time, Naked City, Schooner Exact, and Outlander.

These smaller neighborhood breweries deserve to be included in every visitor’s list of Seattle’s top five or six brewpubs along with perhaps one or two of the larger (or more distant) venues to round things out. All are accessible via transit; all are perfect Fueled by Beer destinations. They are marked on the map in green.


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