Dots Connected: Trade Route + Three Skulls = Northwest Brewing Company

In my last post I expressed hope that the transition earlier this year of Trade Route Brewing into Northwest Brewing Company and their subsequent acquisition of Three Skulls Ales from Baron Brewing would be reflected at the taproom. I recently made the trip down to Pacific to see for myself and I’m pleased to report that my hope has been largely fulfilled…

The brewery and taproom appears on the surface to function pretty much as before (under Trade Route – read my post). Which is to say an industrial space split roughly 50/50 between production and taproom. There’s nine taps, simple bar snacks, and a menu to order pizza/subs/salad/wings delivered to the taproom from a nearby store.

During my visit the taproom advertised the following beers making up the new lineup:

Year Round Seasonals
Hoppy Bitch IPA (TR)

Beach Blonde (TR)

Joker amber Ale (TR)

Sumatra Coffee Stout (TR)

Ginger Pale ale (TR)

3 Skulls Poison

3 Skulls Pale Ale Crazy Bitch Double IPA (TR)
Mangoweizen (TR)

Flying Bike Stout

3 Skulls blood Orange Wit

Jet Stream Ale (TR)

“TR” indicates ex-Trade Route beers
Midnight Ale (TR)

I have highlighted the brews that were NOT on tap this time around. I don’t know if it was to compensate for the absence of Jet Stream but the ninth tap was pouring Rolling Rock – an interesting choice for a guest tap.

Note the 3 Skulls taphandle alongside ex-Trade Route

Note 3 Skulls and former Trade Route taps

The addition of 3 Skulls rounds out the former Trade Route selections quite nicely. I still have to find out what’s happening at the Pillagers Pub in Greenwood: whether 3 Skulls is still pouring there and if the former Trade Route brews are there too. I’ll update this post if and when that question gets answered.


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