Two Beers Brewing Company / The Woods Taproom

Back in August I suggested some SoDo/Georgetown brewery crawls with one of the starting points being Two Beers Brewing. For some unknown reason I only ever seem to mention Two Beers in passing (here) and (here) never doing the brewery or The Woods taproom justice. This post aims to change that…

Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer had an opportunity to visit Two Beers and The Woods yesterday – it was a great visit. The first thing that strikes a visitor on entering The Woods is how surprisingly spacious it is for a brewery this size. Fully one third of the brewery’s space appears to be devoted to the taproom which has a beautiful long custom made bar top perfect for sitting at while tasting a flight of samplers. Alternatively the many high-top tables and chairs provide comfy seating for groups to hang out and enjoy the excellent Two Beers brews. Twelve taps pour year-round, seasonal and special brews; with taps 1-6 available for growler fills. Food trucks visit The Woods on a rotating schedule; check the website for details. Recommended.


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