Zero Degrees: a Reading CAMRA LocAle Pub

Zero Degrees operates four brewpubs: in London, Reading, Bristol and Cardiff. Now that Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer have visited two of the four locations we believe we can pass judgement…

Zero Degrees Reading

Zero Degrees Reading

This business is clearly modeled after the highly standardized US brewpub chains; the ones we are so familiar with from Seattle, Portland and elsewhere across America. The design and decor is faux hipster industrial with tons of stainless steel to match the brew kettles, fermenters and other brewing vessels.

Zero Degrees Bristol

Zero Degrees Bristol

The four core beer offerings look like they have been pulled directly from the Rock Bottom or Gordon Biersch playbook, and the restaurant operation closely resembles California Pizza Kitchen.

Since Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer are not particularly fond of the aforementioned American businesses unfortunately we can’t find much to like at Zero Degrees either.

Zero Degrees Reading

Zero Degrees Reading

None of the beers we tasted in Bristol or Reading were particularly bad but they lacked any defining qualities to make them stand out in what is now a pretty crowded marketplace. The Pale Ale was least objectionable – very much an American west coast style – hop forward but not much malt in the finish.

Zero Degrees Bristol

Zero Degrees Bristol

The worst thing about Zero Degrees however is their pricing – outrageously high. £3.50 per pint for a so-so beer is too much, and nothing to write home about pizzas at £10 and up are overpriced too. The rest of the food menu – pastas, salads, sandwiches, etc. is similarly overpriced.

With so many Cask Marque/CAMRA Locale accredited pubs nearby, each offering significantly better quality ale and food options, all at much more reasonable prices, I can’t see any reason to return to Zero Degrees.

Not recommended 😦


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