Fielders Farm Shop: LocAle and a whole lot more

As much as Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer love to visit Reading’s CAMRA LocAle accredited pubs it’s nice to have a few bottles stashed away at home. And therein lies the problem: where do you go to get locally brewed bottled ale? Well, we recently discovered one unexpected outlet…

Fielders Farm Shop

Fielders Farm Shop

While driving down the Theale to Pangbourne road recently we decided on the spur of the moment to stop by the farm shop – a large black barn by the side of the road at Wickcroft Farm.

Within seconds of walking in, the Fueled by Beer radar went off: there they were, beautiful wooden bins filled with bottles of ale from several local breweries: West Berkshire Brewery of Yattendon, Wild Weather Ales of Silchester, Butts Brewery of Gt Shefford, just to name three.

All three breweries are on my hit list so you can imagine how delighted I was to find them so close to home.

Fielders Farm Shop

Fielders Farm Shop

The sad thing is I’ve been looking for this kind of stuff in our large supermarkets and while they have quite a lot of craft beer, hardly any is locally produced. So I am extremely grateful to Fielders Farm Shop for supporting our local brewers and providing them with an outlet.

Besides the great selection of local ales and ciders, the farm shop has an extensive selection of artisan produce: these include locally produced meat, dairy, bakery, and free-range eggs. The full list is too long for this post.

Highly Recommended 🙂

The next photo tells the story of what came home with us.

Our LocAle Stash

Our LocAle stash thanks to Fielders Farm Shop


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