The Bull: a Theale Village Pub

Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer have formed a liking for Wadworth, the regional brewer located about 50 miles west of us in Devizes, Wiltshire. And while we are close to the edge of their footprint we are lucky to have two Wadworth pubs, the Bull and the Fox & Hounds, both located close enough to us to serve as great walk & dine destinations. Because we were so impressed by our experience at  Fox & Hounds: a Walk & Dine Destination, we had high hopes for The Bull. Perhaps too high…

The Bull at Theale - a Wadworth Pub

The Bull at Theale – a Wadworth Pub

The Bull was our dinner destination for Theale Village: a Walk & Dine Destination and we were left with very mixed feelings. On the one hand the food was good, better than most pubs, but it was nowhere near the calibre of the Fox & Hounds. On the other hand the beer selection was really disappointing: during our visit our cask ale choices were just 6X and IPA.

Although they were both very good cask ales, both in great condition, for a brewery-owned pub where you’d think showcasing their beer offerings would be important, this was a pretty poor showing. And, perhaps its a telling indicator, according to the Cask Marque website it appears that the Bull is no longer Cask Marque accredited.

Enjoying Wadworth's 6X & IPA at The Bull

Enjoying Wadworth’s 6X & IPA at The Bull

Further observations, not particularly scientific: for a Saturday night it was very quiet at The Bull. Apart from a hen party in the upstairs function room and a handful of diners where we were sitting, there was nothing much going on – in contrast to the Falcon just down the street – which was very busy.

Overall the pub seems well maintained and run, and it competes fairly well with the other Theale village pubs but frankly, if you’re interested in experiencing “Wadworthshire,” we would recommend visiting the Fox & Hounds.

The Bull: not recommended. 😦


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