The Crown Inn: a Reading CAMRA LocAle Pub

For CAMRA real ale purists like Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer The Crown Inn at Theale has to be the pub of choice in the village if cask ale is the only criteria. It is the only pub in Theale that has earned LocAle accreditation and during our recent walk & dine it more than lived up to its commitment…

The Crown - a CAMRA LocAle Pub

The Crown – a CAMRA LocAle Pub

The Crown occupies one of Theale’s several Grade II listed buildings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. However whereas The Falcon has retained most of its original building structures, including stable bays around a central courtyard, sadly only the Crown’s inn building structure remains – but that doesn’t make it any less interesting given what’s down in the cellar.

Two LocAles on cask

Two LocAles on cask

I mentioned how the pub more than lived up to its LocAle accreditation during our visit. Of the pub’s for cask pumps two were devoted to excellent LocAle brews: Mr Fueled by Beer enjoyed West Berkshire Brewery’s Good Old Boy and Mrs Fueled by Beer went for a half of Loddon’s Hullaballoo.

The Crown Inn

The Crown Inn

Food offerings are another story however and we couldn’t figure out what the pub is trying to accomplish in this regard. The website still lists a lunchtime menu of standard pub fare yet the pub has also operated a Chinese restaurant/takeaway on the premises. Now there is apparently an Indian Restaurant called Shimla Pinks operating at the pub. Perhaps with another visit we can find out more about what the future strategy is going to be.

The Crown Inn: Recommended (for the beer alone, caveat the food) 🙂


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