Reading LocAle: a Fueled by Beer Pub Crawl

It had to happen: a Fueled by Beer pub crawl through Reading’s best Real Ale pubs. Something to rival Mr Fueled by Beer’s infamous Burke-Gilman crawl. A totally self-indulgent hike designed to experience Reading’s very best Real Ale pubs, with special emphasis on CAMRA LocAle accredited pubs…

It goes something like this: take on solid sustenance (washed down with ale) -> watering hole -> watering hole -> reload solid sustenance (washed down with more ale) -> watering hole -> watering hole -> take on final solid sustenance (wash down with even more ale). Like the Burke-Gilman crawl this involves seven pubs and spans all the hours between opening time and “last orders please”.

Reading’s CAMRA LocAle accredited pubs are wonderful – if all you’re looking for is Real Ale – but for a pub crawl whose solid sustenance consists primarily of potato chips (crisps in Brit-speak) they’re doomed to failure (lesson learned Mike). So the solid sustenance stops will be at our local JD Wetherspoon pubs, where a full menu is served from breakfast and on through the day. And let’s not forget, as the Hope Tap and Monks’ Retreat have already shown, Wetherspoon pubs  are serious LocAle watering holes in their own right.

The pub running order is somewhat arbitrary but for now let’s just say there should be a solid fuel stop between each pair of watering holes. Wherever Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer – or anyone else who cares to partake – finds themselves at the end it isn’t too far to get back to a bus that can get you home to the ol’ homestead (in our case we can walk home if need be – and we have).

  1. The Back of Beyond
  2. The Retreat
  3. The Alehouse (FKA Hobgoblin)
  4. The Monks’ Retreat
  5. The Allied Arms
  6. The Nag’s Head
  7. The Hope Tap

Total pubs = 7; total distance = roughly 2.5 miles; total pints = ? 🙂


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