Nag’s Head: a Reading CAMRA LocAle Pub

When Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer are in or near Reading town center, and in the mood for a really nice pint of Real Ale from a local brewery, four CAMRA LocAle accredited pubs top our list of places to go…

Nag's Head

Nag’s Head

And at the very top of that list is The Nag’s Head – Reading CAMRA’s 2013 pub of the year. There is no better place anywhere in Reading to experience a broad selection of Real Ales in general and LocAles in particular. Put simply, this is Reading’s best pub,

The Nag’s offering: twelve continuously revolving cask ales from the pub’s hand pumps is unmatched; in fact nobody except perhaps the Wetherspoon pubs comes close. If you are visiting Reading and have time to visit only one real ale pub, this is the one. The pub is located at the foot of Russell Street about 1/2 mile west of the town center along the Oxford Road.

Nag's Head

Nag’s Head

Step inside the Nag’s Head and you enter an open rectangular space with a single bar along the back wall. The full width chalkboard above the bar lists what’s on each pump and is updated as new casks are rotated in and out.

A nice feature: the beers are arranged on the pumps from right to left, light to dark. It will be busy, it will be loud, and it will likely be the best real ale pub experience you’ll have in Reading.

Recommended 🙂


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