The Nag’s Legs at Tilehurst Festival

One often overlooked advantage that real ale from the cask has over keg ales and lagers is portability. At the recent annual Tilehurst Festival this quality was exploited to great effect by Reading’s finest real ale emporium in the form of their mobile pub, The Nag’s Legs…

Nag's Head

Nag’s Head

When Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer heard that The Nag’s Head would be participating in a festival located within easy walking distance of their house, their Bank Holiday Monday agenda was set. There would be no sitting in 2-hour traffic jams getting to and from the coast for them. No, they would be enjoying the sunshine with the best real ale to be had within a 30 mile radius  – a true Fueled by Beer experience.

nagThe logistics couldn’t be simpler: erect tent & set up bar at one end; rack 19 firkins behind the bar & allow time to settle; tap the firkins & start pouring. For cooling: lay wet towels across the firkins. To rinse glasses: inflate kiddies paddling pool outside tent & hook up hosepipe. For pest control (wasps/yellow jackets): employ hearty whacks with tapping mallet – done!

As it turned out, a lot of other Reading folk thought likewise: the festival was very well attended by people of all ages and backgrounds. There were multiple food options, which included the 3rd Reading Chilli Cookoff, plus kiddies’ carnival attractions and a music stage presenting several local bands. Reading’s spacious Prospect Park provided a beautiful setting for the family-friendly event, the work of Tilehurst Residents and Community Association (TRACA): we look forward to many more (local news coverage).

As for the Nag’s Legs, Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer were not disappointed: business remained brisk right up until closing time and some of the firkins ran dry towards the end. The mobile version of the Nag’s Head is every bit as good as its bricks & mortar parent. 19 real ales were offered, including several LocAles, of which 14 were sampled…

Art Brew – Spanked Monkey (Dorset)
Ascot – Alligator (LocAle)
Binghams – Hot Dog Stout (LocAle)
Dark Star – Hophead (West Sussex)
Flowerpots – Perridge Pale (Hampshire)
Hog’s Back – T.E.A. (Surrey)
Loddon – Check-Mate (LocAle)
Longdog – Golden Poacher (LocAle)
Oakleaf – Nuptu’ale (Hampshire)
Siren Craft – Undercurrent (LocAle)
Triple fff – Alton’s Pride (Hampshire)
Triple fff – Elder Skelter (Hampshire)
Triple fff – Jabberwockey (Hampshire)
Triple fff – Moondance (Hampshire)
Triple fff – Pressed Rat & Warthog (Hampshire)
Waen – Chilli Plum Porter (Powys)
Wentworth – Chocolate & Chilli Stout (South Yorkshire)
West Berks – Dr Hexter’s Healer (LocAle)
Wild Weather – Sundowner (LocAle)

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One thought on “The Nag’s Legs at Tilehurst Festival

  1. Sounds like fun! So many new breweries since I was last there, I’m going to have to do some research before we’re over! Cheers.

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