2nd Gloucester Beer & Cider Festival

In my last post I stated that as venues go – in the Fueled by Beer experience – none could top the Guildhall Winchester. Well, I spoke too soon: at the recent CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival in Gloucester the Guildhall was well and truly topped…

The Festival

gloucesterbeerfestlogoCAMRA Gloucester is actually a small sub-branch within the Gloucestershire branch; their home turf covers just four postcodes in and around the city of Gloucester. Yet they were able to organize a first class event featuring over 100 real ales, over 30 ciders and perrys, plus locally produced cheeses and wines to boot.

The unbelievably gorgeous venue when combined with the well thought out drink and food lineup made the Gloucester festival all the more remarkable.

The Fueled by Beer Party
Our Fueled by Beer Party

Around one third of the real ales came from LocAle breweries – those located within a 30 mile radius – which is very typical of the other CAMRA festivals we have attended. The ciders and perrys were about 2/3 locally produced in the shires of Gloucester and Hereford where tons of orchards line the Severn and Wye valleys.

Aptly named local cheese
Aptly named local cheese

Gloucester is sufficiently distant from Reading that we don’t generally see real ales from its LocAle breweries in our neck of the woods. And as many of the non-LocAle beers at the festival came from Wales and southwest England; again there were not many we recognized.

There were only a few breweries from the south and north of England that we recognized and among those the ales they sent were not familiar. To Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer all this unfamiliar beer adds up to the hallmark of a good festival.

Festival Website

The Venue

Blackfriars Priory Gloucester
Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester

Gloucester’s Blackfriars Priory is the finest example of a Dominican Priory to have survived from the Middle Ages. Although dissolved by Henry VIII in the 1530s, the Priory was not destroyed like so many of England’s monasteries at the time. It was instead sold into private hands and re-purposed as a residence and weaving factory.

Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester
Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester

In recent years the decaying structure has been stripped of all its post-reformation modifications and its surviving 13th century medieval fabric is being carefully restored. The Priory now serves as a thoroughly modern multi-use events centre in the heart of Gloucester’s city centre.

Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester
Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester

When Mr Fueled by Beer learned about the Gloucester Beer Festival, and especially its venue, it was too good a chance to miss.

Direct rail service connects Reading to Gloucester in less time than we can drive so all we had to do was hop on the high speed train.

Official Website  |  English Heritage  |  Wikipedia Article

The Beers

Mr Fueled by Beer

  • Abbeydale – Deception Golden Ale
  • Bespoke – Over a Barrel Strong Dark Ale
  • Brown Cow – Capt Oates Dark Mild
  • Bryncelyn – Buddy Marvellous Dark Mild
  • Corinium – Pliny the Elderflower Golden Ale (voted best of fest)
  • Cotswold Spring – Old Sodbury Mild
  • Hillside – Over the Hill Dark Mild
  • Ordnance City – Barbers Bridge Black IPA

Mrs Fueled by Beer

  • Brown Cow – Capt Oates Dark Mild
  • Corinium – Pliny the Elderflower Golden Ale (voted best of fest)
  • Elland – 1872 Porter
  • Milk Street – Zig Zag Stout
  • Royal Clarence Hotel – Old Slug Porter
  • Wye Valley – DG Wholesome Stout

The Navy Son (on leave from Japan )

  • Atlantic – Red Celtic Amber
  • Cotleigh – Peregrine Porter
  • Force – Yankee Zulu Bitter
  • Doncaster – First Aviation Pale Ale
  • Geeves – Capt Gingerbread Wheat Ale w/ginger
  • Keystone – Gold Spice Golden Ale w/ginger
  • Ordnance City – Knowing Me Knowing You Dark Mild
  • Steel City/Great Heck – Grim Overlords IPA

The Kentish Son

  • Bespoke – Leading Light Golden Ale
  • Bowmans – Wallops Wood Brown Ale
  • Elland – 1872 Porter
  • Magpie – Flyer Golden Ale
  • Mayfield – Priory Pale Ale
  • Severn Vale – Severn Springs Golden Ale
  • Three Tuns – Rantipole Bitter w/Elderflower

The Conclusion

All-in-all this was a really enjoyable festival. Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer’s event experience was enhanced by the presence in our party of The Navy Son, The Kentish Son and Mrs Fueled by Cider however we think it’s fair to say the 3rd CAMRA Gloucester Beer & Cider Festival will certainly be worthy of inclusion and should be penciled in to our 2015 festival calendar. 🙂

View Complete Festival Real Ale List


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