Henley-on-Thames: A Less Compelling Destination

Sad news from Henley-on-Thames: the Henley Brew House is no more. Owner City Pub Company sold the former Victorian police station to local pub company Brakspear for £875,000. Following minor remodeling to remove the onsite brewery, the premises reopened last month as The Station House

City Pub Company’s sale appears to be part of a broader expansion and fund-raising exercise that includes the conversion of their Bierpalast location in London into Temple Brew House. The former German-style keller bar recently reopened in basically the same format as the Brew House operations in Cambridge, Bath, and formerly Henley. Temple Brew House’s Essex Street Brewing operation has been built out by re-purposing the kit taken from Henley.

Meanwhile back in Henley; whether the Station House can measure up to its predecessor as a Brakspear-owned gastropub remains to be seen. This is particularly questionable since its Brakspear stablemate, the Bull on Bell Street, is in such close proximity. Regardless, the loss of the Station House’s onsite brewery has removed 50% of the rationale for this writer to continue making trips to Henley, and the one thing that set it apart – a real shame.

Henley still has Lovibonds excellent taproom open on Friday-Sundays, and there’s Brakspear’s Bell Street Brewery at their Bull on Bell pub, so all is not lost. The new Station House pub should receive at least some of its beer from Bell St. Read my original Henley post here.

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