Bermondsey Beer Mile: Southwark Brewing Company

For our most detailed write-up on the Bermondsey Beer Mile and why spending a Saturday doing this is so significant from our Seattle brewery crawling perspective, read my post BEER TREK 2014. This also provides some photos from one of our visits….

Contemplating the cask ales at Southwark Brewing - excellent!

After our unexpectedly brief visit to Bexley Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer decided to stop off at Bermondsey to check out the newest brewery: Southwark Brewing Co. As previously announced in this blog these guys are Bermondsey’s first all-cask brewery and as such they make a very worthy addition to the ‘beer mile’

Southwark Brewing is located in the railway arch at 46 Druid Street, currently making them the northernmost brewery along ‘the mile’. If you are used to starting at Maltby Street Market and heading directly to Anspach & Hobday you will miss Southwark Brewing. Take a look at my map below and you’ll see what I mean.

Taproom at Southwark Brewing Co

As before we recommend starting off at the Maltby Street Market to take on solid fuel before beginning the brewery crawl. Keep in mind Kernel’s earlier closing (2:00 pm) and if you are making a late start go there first (IMPORTANT UPDATE). Otherwise start at Southwark Brewing and continue as follows:

  1. Maltby Street Market
  2. Southwark Brewing Company
  3. Anspach & Hobday
  4. The Bottle Shop
  5. U-Brew
  6. Brew by Numbers
  7. The Kernel Brewery
  8. Partizan Brewing
  9. Fourpure Brewing

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