Circular Pub Walks: Watch Out For Talking Rabbits

If, after reading this post, you should decide to follow in Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer’s footsteps we can’t promise you’ll encounter Hazel, Bigwig or Dandelion escaping to freedom across the River Enborne to Watership Down. You should however enjoy a wonderful walk along said river, maybe spot wildlife of the non-talking variety, and enjoy glorious views of the North Wessex Downs featured in the best-selling novel…

Three Horseshoes, Brimpton

Three Horseshoes, Brimpton

This walk begins and ends at the Three Horseshoes pub in Brimpton, a small village in West Berkshire situated 1.5 miles south of the A4 Bath Road between Newbury and Reading.

Newbury & District Buses (route 104 / 105) provide limited service to Brimpton from Newbury via Thatcham and from Reading via Calcot (Sainsbury’s). There is no bus service on Sundays or holidays.

Route highlighted in yellow (countiours in metres)

Route highlighted in yellow (contours in metres)

The 3 mile circular walking route takes in peaceful stretches of open crop fields offering glorious views across the valley to the hills beyond and also follows a meandering section of the River Enborne that forms the border between Berkshire and Hampshire. On the way back to Brimpton the route passes several beautiful historic country cottages at Hyde End. Naturally, this being a Fueled by Beer walk, we recommend a stop at the Three Horseshoes where you can enjoy fine Wiltshire ales from Arkell’s Family Brewers.

Once again I am indebted to iFootpath for this walk. All I have done is change the start/end point from the church to the pub. Whichever way you choose to arrive in Brimpton, from the pub car park turn left and walk around the bend to the left for around 200 m to St Peter’s Church. From here follow iFootpath: view the walk directions, route map, and obtain the iFootpath mobile app via their website here.

To whet your appetite here is a passage from Watership Down followed by some photos from our walk…

Hazel came out on the further side of the ilexes and followed the path round a bend. Then he stopped dead and sat back on his haunches. Immediately in front of him, Bigwig and Dandelion were staring out from the sheer edge of a high bank, and below the bank ran a stream. It was in fact the little river Enborne, twelve to fifteen feet wide and at this time of year two or three feet deep with spring rain, but to rabbits it seemed immense, such a river as they had never imagined.

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