A Fueled By Beer Field Trip: Bermondsey Beer Mile

In conjunction with Berkshire CAMRA members Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer will be making a trip to the Bermondsey breweries on Saturday August 22nd. All are welcome to join us; you don’t have to be a CAMRA member. Meet at Bermondsey tube station at 11:00 a.m…

Readers who know me will have endured me waxing poetic ad nauseum about why I enjoy the brewery crawl along the Bermondsey Beer Mile (read about it) and how it takes me back to similar experiences in Seattle, such as my Fueled by Beer treks along the Burke-Gilman Trail (read about it).

Of course describing an experience in mere words is a poor substitute for actually being there so I thought I’d use this post to provide the next best thing: seeing the Washington craft beer scene via some videos. The following playlist highlights mostly breweries in Seattle, across the Sound in Poulsbo and on the east side, who were founded during the time I was blogging there. Such is the amazing growth of craft breweries in the Puget Sound region.


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