A Berkshire CAMRA Field Trip: Bermondsey Beer Mile

Last Saturday, 22nd August, members from three Berkshire CAMRA branches joined Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer for a crawl along the Bermondsey Beer Mile. We started at The Kernel Brewery, took on solid fuel at Maltby Street Market, and finished seven taprooms later at Fourpure Brewing. During the course of the afternoon we hiked a total of 3.6 miles, on a day where the mercury in London topped 30°C. Kudos to everyone in the group who made it all the way to Surrey Quays with us; it was quite a feat…


Raring to go at Bermondsey Underground Station

This crawl was organized in conjunction with Reading & Mid-Berkshire CAMRA (of which Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer are members), plus members from South East Berkshire CAMRA and Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead CAMRA. Between the start at Bermondsey Underground Station and finish at Surrey Quays Overground Station here is the route we took:

  1. The Kernel Brewery
  2. U-Brew
  3. Maltby Street Market
  4. Southwark Brewing Company
  5. Anspach & Hobday / The Bottle Shop
  6. Brew by Numbers
  7. Partizan Brewing
  8. Fourpure Brewing

This was the most successful trek along the Bermondsey Beer Mile that Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer have made so far (read our earlier trek). We managed to visit every taproom from one end of the beer mile to the other, a process helped by excessive crowds at Brew by Numbers, causing us to make an on-the-fly decision to skip them, and move on down to Partizan and Fourpure before the 5:00 pm close.

For many in our group this crawl was their first time on the Bermondsey Beer Mile, and for those who had been before they were pleasantly surprised to return to a much bigger and better brewery taproom experience.  To our great satisfaction almost everyone in the group wanted to continue into the evening so we hiked on to Surrey Quays to take the Overground up to Hackney Wick, home of the new Howling Hops Brewery & Tank Bar.

It was a great day out and feedback received so far suggests that we should have little trouble persuading folks to do this again.

More photos from the day:


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