Great Welsh Beer Festival 2016: Preview

Following last year’s successful 20th running at new venue “The Depot” CAMRA’s Cardiff branch will host their 21st Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival (GWBCF) at the same superb venue from 22nd through 24th September, 2016. To keep track of the event as it gets closer, follow their pages on Facebook or Twitter

Of all the CAMRA festivals Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer participated in during 2015 the GWBCF was one of the most enjoyable. It was so much fun that we vowed to return in 2016 if the event was repeated. The amazing venue, the supremely friendly people of south Wales, and the unparalleled breadth and quality of the beer and food on offer made it such a worthwhile trip for us.

To our fellow members in the CAMRA Berkshire branches, We highly recommend this event. We experienced an easy drive down the M4 and over the Severn Bridge; a wonderful Saturday spent volunteering on the beer bar; an affordable Airbnb overnight stay; and a Sunday spent sightseeing in and around Cardiff before driving back. It is something we need no persuasion to repeat this time around. We’re already signed up and ready to go.



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