East Bristol Brewery Trail #3

Eagerly awaited since last November’s post, Bristol: The Next Beer Mile?, Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer took the train this past May Bank Holiday weekend down to Bristol Temple Meads for the third running of the East Bristol Brewery Trail. What we encountered very definitely has the makings of a new Bermondsey Beer Mile…

The East Bristol breweries are clustered in two adjoining neighborhoods: St Philips (Moor Beer, Good Chemistry, Left Handed Giant) and Easton (Arbor, Dawkins). A largely traffic-free walking route is provided by the Bristol-Bath Railway Path.

And much like Bermondsey, the East Bristol Brewery Trail can be walked in either direction. For us, like anyone else whose starting point is Temple Meads, beginning the brewery trail at Moor Beer makes the most sense. For others, starting at Dawkins or Arbor may make more sense. Either way, the distance between Temple Meads and Dawkins, by way of Moor Beer, Good Chemistry, Left Handed Giant and Arbor is 2.4 miles. With the benefit of hindsight, after we completed the trail at Dawkins/Arbor, we found there are two options:

  • Walk on to Lawrence Hill Station, extending the total distance to 2.8 miles, from where you can take a train back to Temple Meads;
  • Alternatively, do what we did and walk from Dawkins directly back to Temple Meads, for a total distance of 3.8 miles.
  • The Google map below shows the location of all five breweries and the best walking route.

Assuming future events mirror the first three, look for postcard sized printed trail maps at your first brewery; on the reverse side get a stamp at each brewery stop and when you complete the trail, hand in the card to enter a prize drawing of beer from the trail breweries. A few observations about the Bristol-Bath Railway Path for people (like us) who are not familiar with this part of Bristol:

After exiting Temple Meads station and following directions to Temple Quay, signage from there along the traffic-free route through the Temple Quarter to Princess Street (emerging near Good Chemistry) gives the impression that this is the Bristol-Bath Railway Path but in reality it is a feeder route. Although it follows the original railway alignment to Princess Street, beyond this point there appears to be a missing link which is indicated on the postcard trail maps as a dotted line. This route joins the Railway Path proper after it has passed Left Handed Giant.

The shortest way from Good Chemistry to Left Handed Giant therefore is to retrace steps from Princess Street back on the railway path towards Bristol. After passing under the Kingsland Road bridge, turn right off the path onto Barton Vale and right again (at the Barley Mow pub) onto Barton Road. At Midland Road, turn left, walk 100 m then turn right and walk along St. Philip’s Road. The park marks the official beginning of the Bristol-Bath Railway Path and St. Philip’s Road continues alongside the park into the industrial estate where Left Handed Giant is located. After visiting Left Handed Giant just return to this point, enter the park and start along the Railway Path towards Easton.

The photos below show our trail experience. To keep track of future events check Twitter: #EastBrisBrewTrail



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