Tottenham Brewery Trail

Just heard that this Saturday, 13th May, five Tottenham breweries will be opening their brewery taps for a trail event between 11 am and 6 pm. Hosted by One Mile End, the other breweries are Enefeld, Brewheadz, Beavertown and Affinity. A Facebook event has been created here

Here’s a Google Map:

For out of towners, starting at the southern end, from Seven Sisters Tube or Overground stations, looks like the way to go. At the northern end, Silver Street Overground is the nearest station with Saturday service. The distance between the five breweries is 3.4 miles. When you add the station connections at each end (Seven Sisters, 0.7 miles; and Silver Street, 1.2 miles) then the total walking distance is 5.3 miles. An option to the walk from Enefeld to Silver Street Station is to take the 34 or 444 bus.


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