South London Brewery Trail

SE London CAMRA’s recent Kidbrooke Beer Festival was an unexpected eye-opener. Always on the lookout for urban brewery walks, the festival’s showcase of SE London breweries inspired Mr Fueled by Beer to go in search of taprooms with Saturday opening hours. Much poring over maps ensued and boy oh boy, did he find some…

logosBermondsey and Hackney no longer have it all to themselves: in the area roughly bounded by Camberwell, Brixton, Herne Hill and Peckham there are nine breweries plus a meadery all with Saturday taprooms (some open on other days too). They can be visited separately or combined using rail and bus connections. Visiting every taproom in one day, however, may be overly ambitious. Mr Fueled by Beer made it only as far as Bullfinch before calling it a day, in which case you walk the short distance back to Herne Hill station and leave the trail there. For the more ambitious, the option from Herne Hill is to walk on to North Dulwich for the rail connection to Peckham Rye where more delights await. Each brewery listed below is linked to its Twitter feed; and walking distances and Saturday taproom hours are shown:

Elephant & Castle (walk 0.8 miles)

After visiting Orbit take the bus to Loughborough Junction

Brixton (walk 1.1 miles)

Brixton to Herne Hill Rail Connection

Herne Hill (walk 0.9 miles)

Optionally end here or continue to Peckham

Herne Hill to North Dulwich (walk 0.5 miles)

North Dulwich to Peckham Rye Rail Connection

Peckham Rye (walk 0.7 miles)

Peckham Rye to Crofton Park Rail Connection

Brockley (walk 0.8 miles)

Connecting bus/rail links

  1. Bus to Loughborough Junction (routes 35/45)
  2. Brixton to Herne Hill (times)
  3. North Dulwich to Peckham Rye (times)
  4. Peckham Rye to Crofton Park (times)

As the map below shows, the greatest concentration of breweries are located in Brixton and Herne Hill which makes them particularly suitable for a brewery trail. The roughly one mile distance between these two groups may be covered on foot or it’s a two minute, one-stop ride on the train. There are of course numerous other South London breweries not mentioned here; this is no reflection on their relative merits, just that they do not fit this particular trail location-wise…


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