Moor Beer 10th Anniversary Celebration

Bristol’s Moor Beer recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a weekend of beer, food and entertainment. They were joined by several Bristol craft breweries, including their neighbors who together form the East Bristol Brewery Trail (Moor, Good Chemistry, Left Handed Giant, Dawkins and Arbor). And breweries from as far afield as Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain brought beer to the event too…

Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer and The Daughter happened to be in Bristol during the event so it was a no-brainer; we had to stop by the brewery and taproom to join in the fun. On arrival we paid a £3 deposit for a Moor Beer glass marked for ½ and ⅓ pint pours; received a program listing all the beers; and purchased a quantity of beer tokens at £2.20 each. Every beer, regardless of cask or keg dispense, was priced at one token, and whether you got the larger or smaller pour was determined by its strength. As beer festivals go this worked really well; a simple arrangement for staff and punters alike. With such a diverse selection of local and international beers on offer this really encouraged punters to taste as much as possible. And with no pint pours the evidence of excessive consumption we sometimes see at CAMRA festivals was largely avoided; a good thing since many of the beers were not what we would call ‘sessionable’.



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