Wild Weather’s Midsummer Christmas Party: A Public Transport Option

Could there be anything worse than attending Wild Weather Ales’ upcoming Midsummer Christmas Party as a designated driver? OK, perhaps choosing not to go at all, rather than accept the DD role, might be worse. Fortunately, for those coming from Reading, however, it does not have to be this way: they have the tadRed bus service. Interested? Then read on…

The tadRed (TR1) service, introduced in September 2016, links Tadley and Baughurst with Reading via the AWE, Mortimer, Grazeley and Basingstoke Road. Near the entrance to Easter Park, the industrial estate where Wild Weather is located, there are inbound and outbound bus stops. Although TR1’s Saturday service is limited, it does provide a viable Fueled by Beer way to get to and from Wild Weather’s event and stay for around four hours.

Take the 11:45 from Reading Station (stop SB) or Market Place (stop MC); to arrive at Easter Park around 12:30. Sadly, the last (Saturday) departure back to Reading leaves AWE Main Gate at 16:43, hence the four hour stay. The bus passes the Easter Park stop a minute or two later and arrives at Reading Station around 17:30. The standard adult return fare is £7 but groups of four going together can travel for the price of two. Also, senior concessionary passes are accepted and NUS cardholders pay child fares. Further detail are available at the tadRed website.


As a side note, Reading Buses Lime 2 service between Reading and Mortimer via Burghfield runs half-hourly all day and continues hourly through the evening. Problem is, Lime 2 cannot get you to Easter Park except on the occasions when it coincides with TR1 in Mortimer. However, if someone were to miss the 16:43 TR1 back to Reading, the Lime 2 provides an alternative if a way can be found to get from Easter Park to Mortimer; the last bus leaves Mortimer for Reading at 23:55.


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