Craft Beer Roman Style

Before last summer’s 10th birthday celebration at Moor Beer in Bristol I would not have associated Italy, a country steeped in wine history and viticulture, with craft beer. However, several Italian brewers were invited to attend the event and the beers they brought with them really opened my eyes. So, when Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer were in Rome recently, we made a point of seeking out some local craft beer. We found some excellent brews guesting on several taps at the city’s BrewDog Bar…

Obviously, when Rome comes to mind, it’s usually all about ancient Roman history, art museums, the Vatican, gorgeous piazzas, beautiful people and food (OMG, the food). But now, it’s also about craft beer. So, if you’re planning your cultural visit to the eternal city, here’s my Fueled by Beer suggestion for incorporating some hoppy goodness.

First, I thoroughly recommend getting a Roma Pass for access to most of Rome’s most important tourist sites of interest, and for unlimited travel on Rome’s public transport network for 48 or 72 hours (important – read about it). So, when you visit BrewDog, you can ride there on the Metro and visit the Colosseum, The Forum and Pallatine Hill, all using the Roma Pass: they make it so easy!

Mrs Fueled by Beer at BrewDog Roma

So, as I said, the easiest way to get to BrewDog Rome is via Metro – the Colosseo stop on the ‘B’ line (Map). On leaving the station try not to get swept along by the crowds heading out to the Colosseum at the lower level; exit instead on the upper level out to Largo Agnesi. From there turn left and walk along Via Nicola Salvi keeping the Colosseum on your right. Then turn left on Via delle Terme di Tito – Brewdog is just a few yards further on the left. The walk from Colosseo’s Agnesi Metro exit to Brewdog is only 3 minutes.

Another cool way to go is to walk from the vicinity of Via Cavour (Map). From the Cavour Metro stop walk downhill and look on the left side of the street for some steep steps leading up through an archway. Follow this; it emerges onto Piazza di San Pietro in Vincoli; continue straight through the piazza and along Via Eudossiana; continue on Largo della Polveriera; then turn right onto Via delle Terme di Tito. Brewdog is on the right and you should see the Colosseum up ahead beyond the bar (this is the route Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer took).

Mr Fueled by Beer with a Peroni worth drinking

On a side note, I’ve never understood why so many people drink that awful Peroni Nastro Azzurro watery swill. But I had to chuckle to myself when I came to realise that the Italians appear to keep the best stuff for themselves. The litre of draught Peroni ‘Red Label’ I chose to wash down a pizza at a humble sidewalk Trattoria was rather good. Another beer I enjoyed, also on draught, and which I had not heard of before, was Birra Menabrea, a fifth generation family-owned brewery from Biella in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.

Here are some photos from BrewDog – sorry about the quality; they were taken on our phones which are hopeless in low light…


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