UK Breweries

A craft brewer of ale or lager for consumption via cask or bottle, keg or can. Explicitly excludes all ‘Big Four’ global brewer brands (AB-InBev, SABMiller, Carlsberg, Heineken) and their Trojan Horse ‘crafty’ subsidiaries.

Moor Beer 10th Anniversary Celebration

Bristol’s Moor Beer recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a weekend of beer, food and entertainment. They were joined by several Bristol craft breweries, including their neighbors who together form the East Bristol Brewery Trail (Moor, Good Chemistry, Left Handed Giant, Dawkins and Arbor). And breweries from as far afield as Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain brought beer to the event too… (more…)

Bristol: The Next Beer Mile?

For some time Bristol has been recognized as a great destination for craft beer in cask and keg. The city is blessed with excellent breweries and the cluster of pubs and bars around Welsh Back and King Street is a destination by itself. However, a critical mass of breweries has formed in the industrial areas of St Philips and Easton and over two bank holiday weekends earlier this year they came together to form the East Bristol Brewery Trail; a beer mile with perhaps the potential to rival London’s Bermondsey Beer Mile (read about it). (more…)