UK Breweries

A craft brewer of ale or lager for consumption via cask or bottle, keg or can. Explicitly excludes all ‘Big Four’ global brewer brands (AB-InBev, SABMiller, Carlsberg, Heineken) and their Trojan Horse ‘crafty’ subsidiaries.

Bermondsey Beer Mile: New Moves Afoot

There are moves afoot along the Bermondsey Beer Mile. They mark a critical juncture for the breweries concerned, and they represent a significant milestone for the beer mile itself. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then read on… (more…)


Wild Weather/NZ Beer Collective Midsummer Christmas Party

Despite pretty miserable weather feeling more like December than the end of July, a decent crowd nevertheless showed up yesterday at Wild Weather HQ for the Midsummer Christmas party. Although Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer chickened out of taking a gamble with the bus, an intrepid band of West Berkshire CAMRA members do deserve major props for taking the train from Newbury to Aldermaston then hiking across country via Padworth to the brewery… (more…)

Wild Weather’s Midsummer Christmas Party: A Public Transport Option

Could there be anything worse than attending Wild Weather Ales’ upcoming Midsummer Christmas Party as a designated driver? OK, perhaps choosing not to go at all, rather than accept the DD role, might be worse. Fortunately, for those coming from Reading, however, it does not have to be this way: they have the tadRed bus service. Interested? Then read on… (more…)

East Bristol Brewery Trail #4

Following the mega-fun-time Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer had at event #3 back in April it now gives us great pleasure to pass the word that East Bristol Brewery Trail #4 will be happening over the upcoming summer Bank Holiday weekend: 26/27 August. As with the previous three events, Bristol’s very own ‘beer mile’ will comprise event organiser Good Chemistry Brewing; plus Moor Beer, Left Handed Giant, Dawkins and Arbor. There will be much munching, pouring and partying at each of the five breweries. We’ll be there; why not come and join us as we once again ‘do the trail’…


Moor Beer 10th Anniversary Celebration

Bristol’s Moor Beer recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a weekend of beer, food and entertainment. They were joined by several Bristol craft breweries, including their neighbors who together form the East Bristol Brewery Trail (Moor, Good Chemistry, Left Handed Giant, Dawkins and Arbor). And breweries from as far afield as Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain brought beer to the event too… (more…)