Wandering Washington

Urban wanderings on foot and by public transit in and around the Seattle metro area.

Enumclaw By Transit: Because I Could?

In all fairness, Enumclaw is more than just a place at the end of a transit line. The little town sits roughly halfway between Bellevue and Mount Rainier’s Sunrise visitor’s center, the last settlement of any consequence along the way. I have long been interested in seeing how Enumclaw might serve as a stopover during a future summer trip to “The Mountain”… (more…)

East Link – At Last Sanity Prevails

This may be old news but since I previously posted my views (here and here) this latest development deserves coverage. Last Thursday (July 28th) the Sound Transit board (“ST”) threw down the gauntlet by voting 15-2 to proceed with East Link based on the previously selected B2M/C9T alignment. This vote, once signed-off by the FTA, essentially moves the light rail project out of the planning phase towards construction. Now the fun really begins… (more…)