Wandering Washington

Urban wanderings on foot and by public transit in and around the Seattle metro area.

A Walk, Some History & Brewpub Redemption

Much like ancient Rome, Seattle likes to portray itself as a city founded on seven hills. Among these fabled ‘Seven Hills of Seattle‘ is Queen Anne, which, due to its close proximity to downtown Seattle, has long been on my radar as a desirable urban hiking destination. Last week I made the trek and today I’m blogging about it… (more…)


Enumclaw By Transit: Because I Could?

In all fairness, Enumclaw is more than just a place at the end of a transit line. The little town sits roughly halfway between Bellevue and Mount Rainier’s Sunrise visitor’s center, the last settlement of any consequence along the way. I have long been interested in seeing how Enumclaw might serve as a stopover during a future summer trip to “The Mountain”… (more…)

East Link – At Last Sanity Prevails

This may be old news but since I previously posted my views (here and here) this latest development deserves coverage. Last Thursday (July 28th) the Sound Transit board (“ST”) threw down the gauntlet by voting 15-2 to proceed with East Link based on the previously selected B2M/C9T alignment. This vote, once signed-off by the FTA, essentially moves the light rail project out of the planning phase towards construction. Now the fun really begins… (more…)