Bremerton Summer Brewfest 2012

In the Puget Sound region lightning is considered a pretty rare phenomenon. And, as the old saying goes, lightning never strikes twice. However if you were in Bremerton on July 23rd 2011, or yesterday, July 21st 2012, you can be forgiven for thinking otherwise… Continue reading


Washington Brewers Festival 2012

While I personally find no redeeming value whatsoever in the sport of Basketball, I do feel the well known term from that silly game perfectly describes what the Washington Beer Commission just pulled off over this past Father’s Day weekend…

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Seattle Cask Fest 2012

For once I’m all out of superlatives to describe Saturday’s completely sold-out Washington Cask Fest. A total of 38 participating brewers poured 88 cask conditioned ales during two 4-hour sessions. The Spouse and I attended the first session and between us we managed to sample 33 offerings before time was called. Only three samples were dump-worthy; the creativity and quality of Washington’s brewers continues to amaze us… Continue reading

Washington Brewers Festival 2011

Pilgrimages take many forms yet they share one thing in common: the pursuit of a religious experience. At Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, for example, many of the faithful drop to their knees and crawl through the enormous plaza all the way into the Basilica. But then they leave upright, uplifted and full of joy; that’s their religious experience.

Mine is a little different: with mine you enter upright and full of joy but if you’re not careful you could end up leaving on your knees. I went on such a pilgrimage last weekend. To find out what it was you have to read the rest of my post… Continue reading