Washington Breweries

Craft breweries and brewpubs located primarily in the Seattle metro area plus some Portland and San Francisco thrown in for good measure. Visited during our five years living in Seattle from 2008 to 2013.

Build It And They Will Come or Boy Who Cried Wolf?

For the better part of three years Bellevue Brewing Company (BBC) existed as a Facebook page. However last month beer began to flow in the Bel-Red corridor. Now that all the initial opening hullabaloo has subsided, and there are actually some house beers to sample, does BBC live up to all of its hype? To find out Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer recently paid them a visit… (more…)

Bremerton: More Than A Summer Brewfest?

For Seattle beer fans Bremerton poses an awkward question: is there more than just the Summer Brewfest to tempt us across the water? No offence to Der Blokken Brewery but previously they alone didn’t provide enough justification to make the 2-hour round trip on the ferry, except of course for that awesome Summer Brewfest. However with the recent openings of Silver City’s Bremerton taproom and Slaughter County’s Port Orchard brewpub, I figured perhaps there is now sufficient critical mass. This post documents my attempt to test my theory: a Fueled by Beer transit trip to Bremerton to visit all three breweries… (more…)