Cantwell Rising: You Can’t Keep A Good Dick Down

Now I’ve got your attention, here’s some really welcome news from across the pond. Everyone who knows me from my years in Seattle understands that I was extremely partial to Elysian: the brewery, its brewpubs, its beers, the Trip Series of collabs with New Belgium, and the monthly Twelve Beers of the Apocalypse series and events marking the end of the world in 2012. All this was while co-founder Dick Cantwell was at the helm and before his partners sold out to AB-InBev in 2015. So, imagine how pleased I was to read of Dick’s imminent return to the brewing business. Read on… Continue reading


From Our Roving Reporter: A Visit To Hellbent Brewing Company

The Navy Son
, who is currently based at USNAS Whidbey Island, Washington, spent some R&R time in Seattle this past weekend and while there he dropped in to Hellbent Brewing. This post reflects his report back to Fueled by Beer Central… Continue reading

Build It And They Will Come or Boy Who Cried Wolf?

For the better part of three years Bellevue Brewing Company (BBC) existed as a Facebook page. However last month beer began to flow in the Bel-Red corridor. Now that all the initial opening hullabaloo has subsided, and there are actually some house beers to sample, does BBC live up to all of its hype? To find out Mr & Mrs Fueled by Beer recently paid them a visit… Continue reading